TuffSkin – Coutertops Protection

We are excited to introduce TuffSkin, a hard durable coating. It is designed to protect from lemon juice and vinegar, tomatoes, oranges, cooking oil and most household cleaning products.

TuffSkin Surface Protection solves the marble etching and staining challenges in the hospitality industry and the commercial and residential markets.

TuffSkin is a laminate film designed to protect the surface of marble, granite, travertine and onyx countertops, bar, tables and vanities from staining and etching.

TuffSkin does what traditional stone sealers have never been able to achieve. Use your beautiful marble countertops without any risk of acid-etched staining.

When professionally applied TuffSkin will enhance the look of your natural stone countertop, bar, table or vanity. Your stone will be protected for longer.


  • Comes in two finishes: Gloss and Satin
  • Prevents Etching
  • Prevents Staining
  • Heat Resistant
  • Chemical and Odor Free
  • Removable and Replaceable

Please contact us for more information on TuffSkin Surface Protection for your exotic stone surfaces.