Grinding & Polishing


Higher grit resin diamonds that remove light scratches or dirt accumulated on the stone’s surface.


This is a resin diamonds that actually remove a very small layer of the stone’s surface in order to grind out deeper scratches or stains. Water is used to eliminate any dust.


We use special compound after a grind or as a one step procedure to restore a stone’s shine, depending on condition of the stone. Can also be used on most stone surfaces to remove light stains or scratches. Can produce a semi or high shine surface.


Removes a stone’s shine leaving it with a matte finish using lite abrasives. Also helps remove light scratches and stains.


Special metal diamonds that are used to level stone tiles or grind down. Often, installations leave undesired lips or edges forming uneven grout lines. This process ensures that the stone’s surface is even throughout the entire area. Below are some of the before and after pictures of the projects that we have completed in the past.