Natural Stone Restoration

Whichever kind of stone floor you have, it will have one thing common with all the rest – and that is after a while it will start looking dull and not has that new shine look to it.  Stone floors need ongoing maintenance to keep that new polished look which also help them last longer.

No two kinds of stones are alike, so using the same cleaning/maintenance/polishing agent may actually damage the stone on the long run costing valuable money.  The floor is cleaned, stripped and an impregnation can be added to help prevent stains appearing on porous surfaces.

After, the floor is treated to some fresh coats of polish, which creates the gorgeous luster. The end result is a protected floor with deep rich radiance.  

Stone Floor Restoration is dependent to the type of stone installed. All flooring stone is different, quality varies, and age and types of wear also vary. Our stone restoration job will restore not only the look of your stone, but will extend its life considerably. 

We start by grinding away the worn top surface to reveal a pristine layer underneath. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND CERTAIN PRODUCTS OVER OTHERS BECAUSE OF BRANDING! 

WE ONLY RECOMMEND PRODUCTS BEST FOR THE CARE OF THE STONE. Below are some of the before and after pictures of the projects that we have completed in the past.