Restoring worn or damaged natural stone to a like-new factory finish. This requires proper trained stone technicians, specialized equipment and supplies as well as an artisan’s eye for detail.

Stone restoration can do clean, hone and polish, flatten uneven stone floor, repair cracks, color enhance and protect your stone seal and polish.

There is no dust created during the restoration process, because we use diamond abrasives and water.
The frequency of Professional restoration and maintenance services is determined by amount of foot traffic. When you notice scratches chips, etch marks, areas with little or no shine or any other damage to your natural stone surfaces you should have them repaired and re polished as soon as possible.

Natural stone maintenance program will help to ensure that your floors are resilient and shining all the time. We also educate our clients in dealing with natural stone on a day-to-day basis as well as recommend safe cleaning products.

Natural stone floor gets stained quickly and it is sensitive to acidic substances like wine, coffee, fruit juices, tomato sauce, sodas, cleaning and toiletry products. If there is any spill it should be cleaned immediately otherwise, the surface will become dull.

The longer an acid sits on the surface the deeper the etch and the higher the cost to remove it. By acting quickly and frequently, you will maintain the luster that natural stone floor deliver for years, possibly decades.

We recommend to use clean mats at the entrance of your floor. Mats will collect most of the grit and soil that could end up on your floor and scratch it. We don’t recommend rubber or plastic-backed mats as some polymers can discolor the stone.

If you follow these few simple guidelines, you will have a natural stone floor that looks beautiful for years to come. If you have an older floor that has been waxed or sealed with surface sealers, then you will need professional help to remove them without causing damage.

Dust mop floor frequently or vacuuming the area to remove all dust and dirt particles from the surface of the floor to prevent scratching the floors surface. Avoid using acidic or abrasive cleaners. Vacuum or sweep up loose dirt regularly.

We recommend 515C Stone cleaner and clean water when cleaning your floor.  This will help prevent film build up and streaking.

Yes, we strongly recommend you use only quality products designated safe for natural stone. After any restoration work is completed we always advise our client on suitable products to use for ongoing maintenance. Don’t hesitate to ask us for recommendations
Avoid using cleaners that do not specifically state they are safe for natural stone, not only on the stone, but also on items nearby. Do not use abrasive cleaners such as dry cleaners or soft cleaners. Avoid using chemicals such as vinegar, lemon juice, bathroom cleaners or other cleaners containing acids on natural stone surfaces.
This happens when you don’t use the proper cleaner, or when they clean their natural stone surface with water and dish soap. This will eventually lead to soap film build up. We offer tuffskin protection designed specifically to protect countertops, tables, bars and vanities fabricated from Marble, Onyx and Travertine. Which can protect from etching and staining.  Give us a call we can provide solutions for you.
The difference between a wax shine and diamond polishing is that diamond removes all of the fine scratches on a surface until it is completely smooth. The smoother a surface is the more reflection it will cause. It is the reverse of glass etching where smooth reflective glass has chemical or mechanical scratches placed in the surface to cause the light to not reflect back a result in a smokey or soft texture. On the other hand waxes fill scratches and shine enhancers simply reflect light.


Most natural method and will not mar & scuff. Will mar & scuff easy and appear plastic-like and can be yellow.
Allows stone to breath and dust free restoration process. It can block breathing of stone, causing spalling
Never requires stripping and Provides best natural shine. Requires periodic stripping that is messy and damages the stone.
Low maintenance cost and much longer lasting than any coating. It cannot be used as a restoration method and damages the natural stone.

Feel free to contact our office and we would be happy to chat with you if you are not sure how to look after your stone floor. Proper cleaning and maintenance will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the long run. We’re always happy to help.