515C Stone Periodic Intensive Cleaner 1L

Price: CDN$ 69.99

  • 515C Periodic Intensive Cleaner is an extra strength degreaser, cleaner and grout film remover that is suitable for all natural stones including polished marble, limestone, travertine, terrazzo, agglomerate and ceramic tiles.
  • 515C can be used as a periodic deep cleaner where heavy soiling is present, for construction job site clean up or for removal of grout residues and soap scum deposits.
  • Coverage Area: 3000 to 4000 sq. feet per liter.

Stone Polish, 16 oz. Aerosol Polish

Price: CDN$ 49.99

  • Ideal for Granite, Marble and Engineered Stone countertops.
  • Resists fingerprints and smudges, prolonging your stone’s reflective properties.
  • Also cleans, polishers and preserves the high luster of stainless steel, aluminum, brass or chrome appliances, faucets or fixtures.
  • Recommended for weekly use or as needed to give that rich color and eliminate fingerprints.
  • Leaves no build-up, streaks, residues or greasy film.

109 M Countertop Cleaner

Price: CDN$ 39.99

  • Stone Countertop Cleaner is an aerosol ideal for cleaning and degreasing your natural and engineered stone kitchen and bathroom countertops.
  • Great for use on granite, marble, terrazzo, ceramic, stainless steel and all non-walking surfaces.
  • Protect your investment with the regular use of the cleaner to ensure its beauty and richness.
  • 16 oz. can

111M Kitchen Spray Cleaner

Price:CDN$ 59.99 

  • 111M Spray Cleaner is a spray cleaner ideal for all natural and engineered stone and ceramic kitchen tops and is also great for bathroom tops and wall tiles.
  • Also works well on glass and plastic surfaces.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • 111M smell fresh and leaves no film. 1/2 Liter.

Countertop & Floor Maintenance Kit

Price: CDN$ 169.99

  • Countertop Cleaner (1/2 Liter)
  • Polish (16oz)
  • Floor Cleaner (1Liter)