What is the difference between Wax coating and Diamond polishing?

The difference between a wax shine and diamond polishing is that diamond removes all of the fine scratches on a surface until it is completely smooth. The smoother a surface is the more reflection it will cause. It is the reverse of glass etching where smooth reflective glass has chemical or mechanical scratches placed in the surface to cause the light to not reflect back a result in a smokey or soft texture. On the other hand waxes fill scratches and shine enhancers simply reflect light.


Most natural method and will not mar & scuff. Will mar & scuff easy and appear plastic-like and can be yellow.
Allows stone to breath and dust free restoration process. It can block breathing of stone, causing spalling
Never requires stripping and Provides best natural shine. Requires periodic stripping that is messy and damages the stone.
Low maintenance cost and much longer lasting than any coating. It cannot be used as a restoration method and damages the natural stone.